We publish the following documents each year, choose the correct year on the left navigation, the links below will open the latest documents in English. Parts of these are also available in Excel format where appropriate.

  1. 2017 Three Months Sales Report
  2. 2017 Half Year Report
  3. 2016 Annual Review
  4. 2016 Global Nestlé in Society Report
  5. 2016 EAR Nestlé in Society Report
  6. 2015 Annual Report
  7. 2014 Annual Report
  8. 2013 Annual Report
  9. The Year in Review 2013
  10. Nestlé CSV Report 2013
  11. 2013 Nestlé Kenya Dairy Report
  12. 2013 EAR CSV Report
  13. Nescafé Plan

Nestlé also reports half year financial results. For the first quarter and nine months results, we report sales only and this information is available through the press releases and related presentations.

This section also contains other reports about sustainability, governance and our policies.
Financial reports going back to 2001 are available in our Investors section.