1. How many countries comprise Nestlé Equatorial African Region (EAR)?
  2. How many factories are there in Nestlé EAR?
  3. What is the Nestlé EAR headquarters current address?
  4. What is the difference between Nestlé Equatorial African Region (EAR) and Nestlé Kenya Limited (NKL)?
  5. How can I join Nestlé in the Equatorial African Countries?
  6. How can I contact Nestlé Consumer Services?
  7. Is Nestlé Kenya Limited factory Halal certified?
  8. How can I be sure that the products I buy are genuine Nestlé products and not counterfeits?
  9. What does Nestlé mean by “Creating Shared Value”?
  10. How does Nestlé contribute to sustainable environment within the region?
  11. What is the Nestlé Foundation?
  12. Are Nestlé products identical throughout the world?
  13. How do you ensure that quality standards are respected in all countries?
  14. Is it possible to buy all Nestlé products in my country?
  15. What happens when people are allergic to a food?
  16. How much do allergic people need to eat before they get an allergic reaction to a food?
  17. What is Nestlé’s response to scam emails?
  18. What are trans-fatty acids?
  19. Why are they bad?
  20. What is Nestlé doing about TFA?
  21. What is Nestlé’s commitment to Nutrition, Health and Wellness?
  22. How does Nestlé demonstrate concern for the environment?
  23. How much does Nestlé spend on Research and Development?
  24. What are Nestlé’s main areas of activity?
  25. What about the safety and quality of Nestlé’s products?
  26. Can I submit an idea for a new product variant to an existing product